Why Extend

While an expanding family might be the number 1 reason for a home extension, there are plenty of other reasons why people opt to build an extension to their existing home rather than build a New Home or move house.

Opening Up Space

Not all extensions are about practicality; it is the quality of life in your home that often is the main reason for extending. Opening up space by building an extension often brings in more light into the house and gives all tenants more room for leisure. A movie room, a library, a personal gym – building an extension is an efficient way of increasing recreation activity in your home.


When you feel constricted in your own house and it is preventing you from doing what you love – be it hosting large dinner parties for your friends, cooking 5-course meals, working out or studying/working in peace – it might be the time to build an extension. Adding an extra room or two can transform your life and make your home far more practical for your needs.

Extension Replacement

Perhaps your 20-old year extension needs a boost, small design corrections or a complete makeover. A replacement extension will not only upgrade the building quality, but ARC will also help you choose the appropriate materials which will blend into your current home and make it look unified.

Kids Have Grown Up

Teenagers require more individual space, their own rooms, and quiet study areas. They need their privacy and more room to do things on their own and to bring friends over. Extending living and entertaining areas, adding a rumpus or media room can all help give the bigger kids a bit more space, ARC can advise on the best option for your home.

Financial Reasons

Extending your current home will always be inevitably cheaper than building a New Home from scratch. If you like the area and the house you are in, there is no need to go through the unnecessary hassle of moving, including the significant real estate and legal fees.

If you are thinking of extending your investment property, it is always a good idea to look around and see what the houses are like in your area, price and design-wise. It can dramatically increase the value of your home just by adding one bedroom. In today’s market, four and five bedroom homes are the most sought after and can make all the difference to maximising your homes current value.